Keeps your brand growing alongside your business. 

Awesome for ongoing design and marketing support, like:

+ design-forward ongoing marketing

+ expanding your brand

+ creating a full marketing kit 

+ design to support fast growth

Fabulous for tackling larger design projects, such as:

+ design for product launches

+ design for live events

+ exhibits for trade shows

+ book design and book launches


  • 10 hours per month 
  • 8% discount  
  • 1 strategy chat  
  • Emergency turnaround available – $50/hour
  • Voxer and email communication

Investment: $1,150/month


  • 20 hours per month
  • 15% discount 
  • 2 strategy chats
  • Discounted emergency turnaround – $25/hour
  • Priority service pass – one per quarter 
  • Voxer, text and email communication

Investment$2,040 / month


  • 40 hours per month 
  • 20% discount
  • 4 strategy chats
  • Complimentary emergency turnaroundoccasional
  • Priority service pass – two per month
  • Voxer, text, phone and email communication

Investment$4,000 / month


  • Each retainer includes a set number of hours per month. Hours must be spread out over the month – they cannot be “banked” for use in a single week, for example. Overage in hours each month will be billed at the standard hourly rate of $125 per hour.
  • Please plan to meet at least once a month. Meetings are included in each package – phone or online is best. This is so we can set strategy for the month, answer any branding or design questions, brainstorm and review working projects.  Larger retainer packages offer more meetings and you are not required to use them if all is flowing well.
  • Please come to our meeting prepared. Let me know what’s going on in your business, your specific ideas on what’s next design-wise. I want to know where you’re stuck, what you want to try next, where you’re looking for marketing ideas.
  • Serious bonus points if you send me a few notes before our call.
  • Your personalized Monthly Mini Strategies will be emailed to you immediately following our meetings. This will consist of notes on our call, your action items and my action items.
  • Super short check in. I’ll let you know where we stand once a week in a really really short email.


  • 3 month minimum commitment. At the end of 3 months, we will re-evalaute the program to ensure the number of hours are fitting your business needs. After that, we can move to 3, 6, 9, or 12 month commitments.
  • You will get an invoice on the first business day of each month. The invoice will include the monthly retainer rate for that month and any additional charges from the previous month. This invoice is due upon receipt.
  • Emergency turnaround is defined as needing to work nights and/or weekends to meet your deadline. I may choose to work nights or weekends but this is not my normal.
  • Priority service means I’ll bump your project to the head of the line during regular business hours, if it’s needed in a special instance. This is a special occasion kind of deal.
  • Unused hours expire at the end of each month unless other arrangements are made in advance. This is to ensure that I can allocate time for your projects each month and plan my workload accordingly.
  • Chasing you is not included. Getting content to me and giving me feedback and approval on designs in a timely manner is fully on you. This helps avoid emergency fees and rush situations, reduces stress and helps to make sure you get to use all your hours each month!
  • * Pretty please, let’s not be in emergency mode together all the time!

A NOTE ON Extras

While all of my services are 100% covered in this all-inclusive package, your project may require some “extras” – purchases such as stock photography, icons, custom fonts and printing are not covered in the bundled fees. Any purchases will be pre-authorized with you so you will not encounter any unfortunate fiscal surprises. 

Ready to Begin?

The first step is to schedule a brief appointment where we can talk about your design project, review any files you already have, and make sure we are a fit for one another. Send me an email to schedule your intro call.

You can totally do that, and I'll make it easy for you. All you need is the right questions.

I'm Erin Ferree Stratton, and I've been asking small businesses  questions about their brands for 20 years. I've designed brands for hundreds of coaches, creatives, financial planners, and tech startups.

As a solopreneur, I had to create a way to get to the core of what their business is all about quickly, neatly, and repeatably.

I've helped each of these companies get what you want – clear enough about who they are to get a brand design they love.