Are you clear about your business brand?

Whether you’re just starting to think about designing a brand and logo, or if you’ve had one for years that’s starting to feel a bit, um, confining…

You want your business’s uniqueness and specialness to shine through… and to create a brand that’s completely “you”.  

So, who are you?

Now, you just have to dig into the heart and soul of your business (and hope you’re not leaving anything out.)



Trying to explain the heart and soul and bones of your business is hard. You do that thing you do so very well, but explaining it isn’t an every day thing. 

Even if you’re a writer, coach, consultant or author – and you think “I’ve got this” – you may find yourself surprised at how difficult actually doing it really is.

If your business is new, how can you tell if you’re ready for a brand yet? Do you know enough about your business idea yet to make designing a brand a good investment? What questions do you HAVE to answer?

Or, if you’ve been around a while, your business may be so rich and nuanced that standard questionnaires leave you rambling on in the weeds because there’s not enough structure. And wondering “is any of this even helpful?”

You might just be blank-page frozen. You can see and feel what your business is all about, but that’s all in your head. How can you get it out of your head  so you can tell somebody what you’re all about?

Perhaps you tried to get a logo. Or maybe you already tried hiring someone to design your logo and you’re not happy. It just doesn’t look or feel right. They didn’t “get” you. And now you’re hesitant to try again.

In any case, you’re ready to understand yourself and your business better.  You feel like you know what your business and your brand are all about, of course – but it’s all in your head. And kind of jumbled up… and there’s that part that’s kind of vague and cloudy.

You’re ready to be clear about who you are, what you do, and why it matters. You’re ready to own the impact you make in the world. To show and tell everyone what your business is here to do – so you can do more of it.


Because, really, that’s all this first step of brand design is… it’s figuring out what makes you special so you can bring more life into your brand.



The best thing you can do for your brand is to organize the way you think about your business.

Get clear before you design another thing. 



You can totally do that, and I'll make it easy for you. All you need is the right questions.

I'm Erin Ferree Stratton, and I've been asking small businesses  questions about their brands for 20 years. I've designed brands for hundreds of coaches, creatives, financial planners, and tech startups.

As a solopreneur, I had to create a way to get to the core of what their business is all about quickly, neatly, and repeatably.

I've helped each of these companies get what you want – clear enough about who they are to get a brand design they love.

All it takes is the right questions, and I’ve got those for you.

Big Picture, Little Details

I ask it all – because it’s all important. I think like I paint: first in broad strokes, and then going back to fill in details. This workbook works the same way. First we go over the big questions in your business, and then some more up-close and personal questions that can really reveal your differentiators and capture what makes your brand unique.

Researched & Refined

I’ve been refining and grooming these questions for 20 years: the entire life of my business. This has been revised at least once a year, as I’ve learned more about what it takes specifically to brand small businesses, today.

I’ve also been all over the internet and downloaded a ton of the other free (and some not-so-free) branding questionnaires out there. I’ve seen the good and the bad, the interesting and the ho-hum. That game wasn’t fun, so let me save you from playing it, ok?

That said, these final questions are 100% original, just like all of my content. Some of the questions are downright unusual, but you never know what question will reveal that special something about your beautiful business.

Practical + Pretty 

I’m known for creating beautiful things. Usually. Some things need to be practical to be most useful, though.

These questions are delivered as a Microsoft Word document. You can open it with Google Docs if you don’t have Word. I could have made a gorgeous PDF, with cute titles and loveliness – but that literally puts you in a box when we want you out, out, out!

So, the main bulk of this workbook is as simple as can be. For practical reasons. 

There are some beautiful extra worksheets that will help you distill your answers, too, so you can get your beauty fix.  You’ll have gorgeous final summary documents at the end.

What You Get

The Questions: 50+ questions and prompts to dig deep in your business and find the spark that makes you different.

The Top 9 Questions: These are the questions you must be able to answer to be ready for a brand. Some people like to fill this in first – it’s perfect for a jump-start. Others prefer to use this as they condense and boil-down their answers from the deeper questionnaire. Whichever way you want to work the problem, works.

Example Answers: See under the covers in my business on the most important questions.

Your Brand Spark Interactive PDF Worksheet. Fill this out, print it up and pin it up where you can see it so you can live your brand every day.


Find Your Brand Spark Pack

$27 USD

“I’ve made huge strides in my business with Erin’s branding workbook. It’s a thorough process — this book caused me to fill in an amazing number of blanks in my brand — even some blanks I didn’t know I had to fill in.”



“I really appreciated the way you asked a tremendous number of questions in order to understand who I am, what I do, who my target market is and how I want my business to be present in the world.”



“I think anyone who’s thinking of starting a business, already has a business, or thinking of getting into a business, should get their hands on this workbook. It’ll help streamline the process, sharpen your focus and message, and help you determine whether or not your idea has legs.”


Restaurant Owner

About Skyward Ink

Skyward Ink is a boutique design firm that creates beautiful logos, brands, websites, workbooks, and more. Our mission is to make every business we touch come to life with a look all its’ own.

I’m Erin Ferree Stratton, CEO + Lead Designer, and I love translating the inspiring work you’re doing in the world into beautiful, effective graphics and websites that have an emotional impact on your ideal clients. 

Getting to know the spirit of your business – and recognizing, naming and embodying that spark that makes you so amazing – is a big part of that.