Hoping & Coping

Mixed Media, 2020

Dedicated to Steve O, everyone affected by Covid-19 and the memories of those we’ve lost.

I wanted to drop flowers on your porch too.

As I was spreading cheer, I kept thinking about the people I couldn’t reach. My parents. Faraway friends. Clients. 

For the suddenly unemployed. For the person who had to lock the doors of their business without knowing when they’d be back. 

For the person who’s just survived their first panic attack. For the scared, the anxious. 

For everyone who’s sick. Or will get sick. Or has already lost someone.

To the futures that won’t happen, and the uncertainties ahead.

What could I do for everybody else?

My Muse had a plan.

I pulled out a frame, chicken wire, zip ties, duct tape, staple gun and pliers and got to work sculpting. With flowers. Why not?

I use art as an act of ritual, to speed the processing of big feelings and sort out the depths. 

As I built the armature Friday night, stapling and twisting, I thought about destruction. Thought about how life would be different. Grieved my business launch, which I’d paused. Missed my friends, my gym, hugs. Cried a little. Scratched my arm. 

Next, it was time to paint. A little twilight/dawn kind of look for transitional times.

As I tucked flowers here and there, I hoped for a friend, already in the hospital with Covid-19. Thought about clients and friends now at home with their kiddos 24/7 and hoped they’d find magic in the chaos. 

The finished piece went on display at my first ever drive-by art showing on Saturday afternoon. Why not? 

Of course, I had to set up a photo shoot with Stanley, but first our backyard hummingbird had to come check it out. I think she liked it.

My hummingbird art critic.

TFW you realize the backdrop is delicious.

I love interesting ways to cope in unusual times.

And I hope this art brings you feelings of positivity and peace.