I paint partially to contribute beauty to the world, because I’m compelled to make beautiful things.

Why do you paint moons?

Painting moons feels right at this time.  I spend a lot of time looking at the moon. And as I paint, I often work on untangling problems in my life or think about next steps on this life journey.


Why are the moons so many colors?

I absolutely love color. From the brightest colors to the most muted, rich saturated tones to light washes. So, when faced with painting a subject, I tend to leave as much color flexibility as possible. Besides, they’ve got to be moons from all over the galaxy by now. It just seems right that they wouldn’t all be the same.


You use the tag #artformentalhealth on Insta – why?

I am generally an anxious human. I’ve got all the proper help and meds and self-care dialed in to keep that under control… and one of my self-care outlets is painting. I haven’t been doing a spectacular job of painting myself calm lately, but I intend to prioritize painting as I go through this next work transition.


When can I get a moon?

Soon, friends. You should be able to get a moon by Christmas 2019 if all goes according to current plans. Look out for an announcement about commission availability once I sort out pricing!